Khushi Kolkata


Khushi Kolkata is the umbrella name for Khushi Hands and Khushi Feet. You can find out more by visiting the relevant web site.

Khushi Hands

Khushi Hands is a community interest company which sells beautiful artisan products hand-crafted by underprivileged women living in Kolkata, India.

Khushi Feet

Khushi Feet is an exciting charity based in Kent which raises money and awareness for schools for street and slum children in Kolkata, India.

Glastonbury 2017

Khushi Hands and Khushi Feet are at the Glastonbury Festival this week! Khushi Hands is selling our recycled-sari products which have been hand-crafted by underprivileged women in Kolkata, and Khushi Feet is providing a team of litter pickers for the festival in exchange for a donation to the street schools in Kolkata.

Sponsor A Child

Believing that education is the first footstep to breaking the cycle of poverty, Khushi Feet works to fund education for children living on the street or in deprived areas in India.

You can now sponsor a child being educated in a hostel (school with accommodation) run by our partners GNCEM in Kolkata. Sponsorship of £25 a month will help to feed, clothe and educate a child who would otherwise receive no education.